What we offer

Fountainhead offers an integrated strategy for leadership development.  One that reinforces, at every leadership level a common language, philosophy, and approach for how to manage results and lead people.

Our tools provide leaders a clear line-of-sight into what people require from a leader in order to feel and be part of something larger than themselves.

Our collaborative approach ensures our clients achieve measurable results in either a classroom or web-based environment.

Our learning activities are designed to develop behavioral skills in four leadership areas:

  • Interpersonally to develop trust and credibility
  • Tactically to have a positive impact on the performance of others
  • Strategically to connect others into their organization's vision
  • Culturally to translate operational values into everyday practices

Channeling talent into performance requires constant attention. As organizations continue to follow a business rationale of doing more with less, employees increasingly find themselves competing for their leader's time and energy. This often results in people not receiving the kind of leadership they need to best-perform in their roles.

Contact us to find out more on how our consulting and custom-designed approaches can strengthen your leaders' ability to lead.