Our Deliverables

All of our deliverables have been thoroughly researched to ensure their validity, applicability, and integration with existing investments our clients have made in their leadership brand.

Because our work is based on universally recognized principles, leaders can easily share the concepts with others, source material to support their continued learning, and approach leadership development as a process, not an event.  fhr.pdf

Our manager-of-manager workshop, Leading Through Your Point Of View© provides experienced leaders with a format for taking an active role in the development of their organization's emerging leaders' ability to lead. pov.pdf

Transitional Leadership© focuses on the essential leadership skills required for leading in the middle to translate strategy into execution.  This workshop is targeted at leaders who are ready to move beyond the basics of managing results and leading people.  xl.pdf

Leading From The Front© develops first-tier leadership skills in two areas — self-awareness and establishing effective working relationships with others. Topics include interpersonal versatility, a dynamic leadership model for accomplishing results through others, and a key accountability process for communicating performance expectations.  (custom design, details upon request)

Managing UP!© provides independent contributors with the tools they need to create alignment with their managers and to secure the kind of leadership needed to avoid being over or under-led. One outcome is to strengthen a common language for leadership throughout the organization. (custom design, details upon request)

Online measurement

Footprint©, our upward feedback tool, provides leaders with a clear line-of-sight into the kind of support others need to best-perform in their roles. footprint.pdf

Footprint Online© combines the convenience of learning on a flexible time schedule with the power of feedback within a well-designed learning methodology and supported with personal, one-on-one coaching.